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Customer Pledge

Under Promise and Over Deliver

The Under Promise and Over Deliver pledge reflects Koepke Auto’s commitment to fair and honest service. We keep customers completely aware of their potential diagnostic and repair costs. As such, Koepke Auto details in the repair estimate all potential service fees*. This action prevents customers from being blind-sided by additional charges that should have been discussed before the start of work.

In many cases, Under Promise and Over Deliver means the final repair bill is less than the estimate. We always plan for the most extensive repairs and strive for the easiest. In worst-case scenarios, the bill is equal to the estimate, still eliminating the possibility of surprises. You know what to expect everytime at Koepke Auto, no fluff and no unexpected fees.

Other auto repair shops may provide a low estimate to earn your patronage, but this is often misleading. Fees and charges may rise once the work is started. At that point, customers have little choice but to proceed with the work and pay more than they originally planned. The only alternative is to have the car put back together, pay outrageous diagnostic charges and drive home in a state worse than prior to the repair shop.

Kopeke Auto understands the frustration and mistrust these actions create for customers. We almost always avoid such scenarios with our Under Promise and Over Deliver pledge. Our goal is to repair your car with as little inconvenience and expense as possible. At Koepke, the family-owned business reflects family-driven values. We care about customers and are committed to reliability and integrity.

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*In some cases, additional charges may arise because of damage not visible during the vehicle inspection. Koepke Auto will always discuss these charges with the customer before proceeding with a work order.

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